When is Roof Replacement Necessary?

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Myrtle Beach Roof RepairWith the many foreclosures and short sales on the market, now is the time to get a great buy on a home. In most instances, you are buying the home “as is” and it is up to the new home owner to make any necessary repairs or decide on roof replacement. Many first time homeowners are more concerned with interior decorating and don’t take the time to do a thorough inspection of the home.

With winter approaching, you need to do an inspection of your roof before a leak causes a major problem which may require roof replacement. Last week, we talked about how to inspect your roof and gave you some great ways to look for possible roof problems.

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The average person would not know when a roof replacement is necessary, but here are a few areas that would indicate replacement is needed:

  • The age of the roof is often a good indicator. This information should have been revealed in your closing documents at the time of purchase. The material that a roof is made of will also be a good indication of the durability of the roof. A slate roof will often last longer than other types of roofs. Your inspection should reveal what type of material your roof is made of and you can go to the internet and research the material to get a good idea of how long the roof should last before roof replacement is necessary.
  • Roof buckling is a good indicator that you need a new roof. This will be evident when you make the inspection of your roof from a distance. You will see sags in the roof. Also when you are on your roof, you will see parts that appear folded like a piece of paper. Most roofing contractors would advise you that roof replacement is necessary and a simple repair will not fix the problem.
  • Leaks and blisters in the roof. When you notice leaks in the corners of a room or blisters on the walls, this is an indication that there is improper ventilation in the shingles or that moisture is getting under the shingles. This is often an indicator that simply replacing the shingles is not enough. A roofing contractor needs to get to the underlying problem of what is causing the improper ventilation. Spots on your interior ceilings are the most obvious indicators of a problem. If they are small stains, you may be able to get away with only a roof repair. However, these stains could be an indication of a bigger problem.
  • A rotting roof is definitely an indication that a new roof is needed. Algae will develop on the roof, causing further damage to your loved ones. The most common cause of rotting is the absorption of moist air under the roof, causing it to become weak and collapse. This could have been caused by a storm or hurricane damage that was not addressed immediately.

If you have any indication that you may need a roof replacement, you will want to contact a roofing contractor for an estimate. They can safely inspect your roof and tell you exactly what is happening and why. Putting off or covering up roof problems with minor repairs can actually cost you more money in the long run when you end up with a major overhaul of your entire home. That is when that good bargain you thought you got when you purchased your home isn’t a bargain anymore.

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