Common Questions About Roof Repairs and Replacements

roof replacements Myrtle BeachWhen it comes to major investments in your home repairs, few will come close to the cost or importance as your roof. However, it is possible to really extend the life of the roof with good maintenance on a regular basis. Your roof not only protects you from the elements, but also protects all your belongings from potential water damage in the event of major storms. In this article, we are listing some commonly asked questions about keeping your roof in tip-top shape to get the maximum life out of it.

When Should I Think About Getting My Roof Replaced?

Most people don’t really think about roof replacement unless you already have a leak or some other damage. There’s no magic number as to when to replace the roof, but there are signs you should look for to help you know if it’s time. They include peeling or cracked shingles. You should also check for shingles that are missing and just do a general look over you roof from time to time, especially after a storm. If there are leaks, you may be able to just do a repair. You should talk to a good roofing contractor to help you decide whether replacing or repairing the roof is the best option.

What Are The Things I Need To Consider When Replacing My Roof?

Consider first which materials you would like for your roof. There are several to choose from and each of them has a different look and style. You also should think about the climate in the area you live. This can impact the roof greatly. These things will be important when considering how long a roof will last and what its appearance will be like in the end.

How Long Will It Take To Replace My Roof?

It rarely takes longer than 2-3 days for a roof replacement on an average roof. It could take up to ten days or more depending on the pitch, style and weather concerns. Your roofing contractor will give you a good idea of what to expect.

How Should I Maintain My Roof Properly?

Every six months or so, your gutters need to be cleaned out. Maybe even more often if there are lots of trees around your yard. Generally, you just need to look over the roof from time to time to check for damage. Small repairs can save lots of money in the long run and keep the roof lasting years longer.

If you have any other questions about your roof, please contact us at Contract Exteriors. We are experienced in residential and commercial roofing and will be happy to help you! A little money spent now will go far in saving you money in the future. You’ll be amazed at the options you have today for roofing!

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