Why You Need Gutters To Go With Your Roofing System

Roofing Myrtle BeachSo many decisions come with building a house or remodeling your current house. Although most people think of these decisions as inside things like which cabinets and fixtures you might want, there are also very important issues outside as well. Roofing and gutters are one such crucial decision and this article will answer the question of whether you should have gutters along with your roof or not.

The Purpose Of Gutters Along With Roofing

Lots of people think that if your soil is sandy or you have big overhangs on your existing roofing, then you don’t need gutters. This is not true, however, and you should know why gutters are important.

The sole function of gutters is to collect rainwater from the roof and direct it to a specific location. They are designed to control this water, rather than let it all fall from the roof to the ground all at once. Without gutters, you could have a real mess on your hands when it rains, depending on the landscape and design of your home.

One problem is water splashing onto hard or flat surfaces and then splashing up on another structure. This can cause water damage on that structure over time. Another problem without gutters would be that all the rainwater falling from the roof and come down and wash out your landscape. It can wash away mulch or destroy flowerbeds. If you have lots of wet wood, this can create termite problems. At its worst, rainwater can even cause the foundation of your house to be weakened. How many times have you walked into a building with falling raindrops or a steady stream of rainwater falling on your head as you tried to get through a door? Gutters also prevent this problem by directing the water flow elsewhere. Nobody likes getting a deluge of water as they try entering a house!

There there’s the cost….your roofing system also needs a good gutter system to prevent very costly repairs to doors, windows, wood trim and more. Gutters keep rainwater from splashing down and channels it to one location that is designed to handle the run-off. This will prevent wood damage to the house or landscaping damage from all the splashing, heavy rainwater. Most gutters will direct rainwater to the street or to a back wooded area, etc.

Rainwater that is not properly channeled is not good for your roofing structure and it creates problems that will cost way more to repair than the cost of installing a good gutter system. Termites love damp wood and they can cause massive damage. If the foundation of your home has been hit with too much rain, it will cause settling that is out of the ordinary. If you have doors inside that are hard to close or any interior cracking along walls, then you should check for foundational damage.

Great roofing companies also install gutters and will help you choose a gutter that will keep leaves and other debris flowing and not getting stuck in the gutter. They will also make sure you have a gutter system that can stand up to harsh weather conditions during any season. These types of gutters require little maintenance so you can get about the business of tending to your home and property!

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