Gutter Replacement Rules

Gutter Myrtle BeachIn my business I have seen homeowners take a lot of time deciding which texture and shingle color is the right one for their new roof only to leave it up to the Myrtle Beach roofing contractor to select and install any old set of gutters.

As a homeowner you want to keep in mind that downspouts and gutters are more visible than the actual roof and they should be chosen with as much care as you put into other aspects of the roof.  Anyone in the real estate world can tell you that selling a home is all about “curb appeal” and even if selling your home is not your ultimate goal, you need to pay close attention to the selection of the gutters – if they actually need replacing. Which often they do not.

Myrtle Beach Roofing Jobs – Do The Gutters Need Replacing?

While in the process of bidding on a Myrtle Beach roofing job many contractors will approach the homeowner with something along the line of “You know, as long as we are installing a new roof, you might as well replace the gutters.”  This is almost like a lawn care professional saying “As long as I am here to take care of your lawn, I should resurface your driveway.”

Unfortunately less scrupulous Myrtle Beach roofing companies often look at installing new gutters along with the roof replacement as a way to make extra profit on the overall project as well as eliminating the extra work of having to protect the existing gutters while the roof is under construction.  These are very valid reason for replacing the existing gutters from the viewpoint of the contractor but not necessarily from the homeowners’ perspective.

If you decide to replace the gutters, you will want to ensure that the replacements are in as good or better condition than the ones you are replacing.  When downspout and gutter replacement is “lumped” in with a Myrtle Beach roofing replacement this sometimes is not the case.

In the course of doing business I have come across some instances where homeowners allowed a roofer to dismantle custom-made steel gutters and decorative downspouts and have them replaced with prepainted aluminum rubbish.

Here are the basics when it comes to gutter replacement:

Take a good look at your existing gutters.  If they don’t leak, are straight and solid, they probably don’t need to be replaced.

In the instance where the gutters are leaking, there is a good possibility they can be repaired.  If this is the case and the gutters are either cooper or steel, you will want to call a sheet metal shop.  If you have decorative redwood gutters, a good local handyman can usually patch and caulk the existing gutters to prevent leaking.

If you and your Myrtle Beach roofing contractor determine that a replacement is necessary, make sure that you are getting gutters that are at least equal in quality to the original.  A good Myrtle Beach roofing company will help you determine the best material.

If a roof replacement is in your future, put as much time and effort into selecting the gutters as you do in the materials for the roof.  Don’t let a Myrtle Beach roofing company make these decisions for you.

Take a good look at your home and make sure that you are choosing the look that best matches your home – look at your home from the curb – and decide what will make your home stand out.

If you have a traditional beach home, you will want a more ornate choice often what is referred to as an ogee gutter. This is takes on the appearance of fancy molding when the gutter is installed.

There are many traditional and not so traditional styles from which to choose.  Some of them have round downspouts and other features that can make your home unique.  Study this area carefully before making your final decision.  Don’t let a Myrtle Beach roofing contractor talk you out of what you really want.

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